About BabySquad

Bay Area Baby Squad was founded by Mary B Flynn, a mother of 4, who has vast knowledge combined with compassion and empathy. Mary B is an EMT, sleep specialist, certified doula trainer, lactation educator, certified in Postpartum Doula (DONA) and Child Passenger Safety (CPS).

After working as a postpartum doula for the past several years in the Bay Area Mary B decided to make it her mission to help new parents transition to parenthood as easy and stress free as possible. She wants to help every family to have the postpartum care they deserve without spending weeks or even months searching for a caregiver that will fit their needs.

Therefore she founded BABS to do the work for new parents. All BABS doulas are trained and certified along with many years of experience. Each doula is CPR certified, carries her own insurance and is up to date in her vaccinations. Our doulas are nurturing and gentle, they will give you and your family the confidence you need.

We will assist you to establish a healthy bond with your baby and success in new parenting.

Why Choose an Agency?
Choosing an agency makes the transition to parenthood as enjoyable and stress free as possible for your family. Secondly, BABS takes care of all necessary paper work for both health insurance and tax write off purposes. We also offer gift certificates that can be used for any of our services. Mary B will be at your initial free consultation to discuss your needs and find a doula who fits your postpartum plan.