Infant Care Training

We will teach you how to breast/bottle feed your baby, bath essentials and skin care and also give practical advice for newborns. Your doula will guide you to have the best swaddle and soothing techniques and how to read your baby's cues.

Feeding & Sleeping Schedule

Your doula will get you on the right track with a schedule that suits your family’s needs. We will help you make bed and naptime easier. Nothing can beat hands on training in your home.

Baby Safety

Safety is our primary goal at Bay Area Baby Squad. Mary B is CPS certified and happy to teach the correct and safest way to install your child infant car seat. She is also a member of IACS and will help you make sure your home is baby/childproof. All of BABS doulas are CPR trained and up to date on all vaccinations. Your doula will also guide you through the correct use of equipment, along with sleeping positions and the temperature of your home to make sure your little bundle of joy is safe at home.

Newborn Care Education

Whether you are new to parenting or experienced, we offer an in home class that will leave you with the ability to tap into your own intuition as parents. You will learn the most practical and simple advices.

Breast Feeding Support

Although it is natural, breastfeeding has it’s challenges. It is so comforting to have someone support you each night until it becomes easy for you. Our doulas will offer practical, realistic support and guidance. It is important to build a plan that works for you and your family. We will also have baby scales available so you can monitor how well your baby is putting on weight (a key indicator in how well he or she is feeding). If necessary, our on call Lactation Consultant will come to your home as needed.

Fees and Packages

At BABS, we offer different packages to suit your families transition to parenthood, from Post Partum Doula Care, Lactation Consultant, Nursery Necessity List, Nursery Shopping, Nursery Set Up, Baby Proofing, Car Seat Installation, and Baby Scale. Your package can include as many or all of the services listed. BABS offers free in home consultation to find the care you need.