Mary quickly became a critical member of our family with our newborn daughter. When she started she immediately soothed our daughter but also my husband and I who as first time parents were filled with questions and concerns. "Magic Mary" as we called her was dependable, loving and brimming with knowledge from her experience across dozens of newborns. She answered my questions throughout the early days when I was learning how to care for my newborn daughter. Her communal knowledge and experience was invaluable. Additionally, she delivered results! My daughter is a content, well rested, excellent sleeper thanks to Mary going above and beyond. We're grateful to have the opportunity to work with Mary and absolutely plan to use her again

Siobhan Nolan
Noe Vally - San Francisco, CA

We hired Mary to help us with our first baby. Mary came a few nights after she was born and came a few times each week for six weeks. She was a wonderfully calming presence in our home. She made us laugh, made us feel secure and comfortable with all the new experiences we were witnessing. When we got nervous and fearful - her knowledge and experience were evident and reassuring. It was also a nice bonus to have someone around with recent infant experience as grandmas love to give advice- but it is easy to say "Mary told us to do it this way" instead of just saying "we want to do it this way. " a nice buffer. 🙂 we would hire Mary again in a heartbeat and anyone that can have her is lucky!

Karen & Robert. Proud parents to Riley
Marina - San Francisco, CA

Mary was caring for our newborn son from the day we came home from hospital. She is confident in her knowledge as a night doula and she has a very pleasant personality. She was nurturing, warm and very caring with our newborn but most importantly she helped us get our son on a healthy schedule. She had our son on a feeding, sleeping and bathing schedule very quickly. At one month old, our son only wakes up once a night or even sleeps through the night. He is gaining weight and is a happy and healthy baby. I was able to sleep well at night knowing that our son had the best care. Her instincts, temperament and judgment relative to children show her years of experience. Besides caring for our son Mary was able to guide and teach me some of her methods of how to get our son to sleep, give him a bath and feed him. She also functioned as a lactation consultant (for no extra charge) by guiding me through all aspects of breastfeeding. As an example, while feeding my son was inhaling too much air and becoming fussy. Mary noticed this right away and recommended block feeding as well as “secret” techniques to help our son ease the pain of having too much gas.

Barbara Sullinger
Los Altos, CA

I'm not sure I can put into words how grateful we are to Mary Flynn. We had not originally planned on hiring a night Doula but 2 weeks in, between four sleep deprived adults (new parents and veteran ones) and one tiny Insomniac (my first son), we realized we needed help. We were incredibly fortunate to meet and immediately hire Mary on such short notice.
From the moment she stepped in the door, she exuded a calm and confident demeanor that immediately put me at ease. She is a wealth of knowledge with all things baby, but also with postpartum care, lactation issues and a level of emotional support that isn't from baby experience, but rather a result of her being pretty much one of the best people I know.
She's a working mom of three beautiful young children so she can empathize as a mother and not just a Doula or baby nurse, this level of support and care is what sets Mary apart from the rest.
We loved Mary so much that we called her again (this time with several months notice) when we had our daughter this April. Again, she was a rock through the first weeks and this time I got to enjoy her company even more. I whole-heartedly recommend Mary, you get much more than just newborn care, it's the whole package and then some.

Dara Friedman
San Francisco, CA

My husband and I had three kids in 16 months. The only way we thrived was the help of Mary B. We consider her one of the family for getting us through the newborn phase twice in a row.
We cannot say enough about Mary B and her methods as a doula. She was our rock at night that allowed us to parent to our fullest potential during the day.
We didn't have family in town to help with the care of our babies and Mary B. became that person. She was knowledgable, reliable and caring to all three of our babies. We would have been beyond overwhelmed during the day without her. -Kristen & Michael parents to three kids in 16 months
You cannot be expected to know how to care of an infant on your first try. Mary B.'s doula service provides you with the knowledge and experience to get through the first days, weeks or months with your newborn.

Kristen & Mike Spachman
Presidio - San Francisco, CA

As first time parents, the day you bring your infant home is equally thrilling and terrifying. Mary B. was recommended to my husband and I by friends, and she was with us from day one. Asking a night doula into your family at such an intimate time is a daunting experience, but Mary's expertise and calm nature put us at ease. She spent nights with our family as well as arranged expert care for us with two other wonderful night doluas, Emma and Cathy, three nights a week during the first 8 weeks of our daughter's life. A night doula provides a sense of comfort and security knowing someone skilled is with your baby all night long, relieving so much of the anxiety of first time parents. It also provided me the opportunity in those first few weeks to heal from birth, this extra rest made me much more confident during the day in caring for our newborn.

Mary's knowledge is extensive. She answered so many questions for us about our daughter's health, sleeping schedule, breastfeeding, and my postpartum body. She even guided two tentative parents through their baby's first bath! There seemed to be no subject matter she had not experienced. She, Emma and Cathy helped me learn our daughter's cues and needs, always while providing her with loving kindness too. It was during these nights that our 3 week old began experiencing terrible silent reflux, correctly diagnosed by her team, allowing us to seek appropriate medical care as soon as possible. I am forever grateful for this. In the days since Mary left our family, she has continued to be a trusted resource for us. Answering questions about mastitis, nursing strikes, sleeping training and child care. I can not recommend her more highly and if we are lucky enough to have another baby I would eagerly re-enlist her services. Our family is better for having her.

Melissa Paoloni
Marina - San Francisco, CA

I can’t recommend Mary Flynn enough! We loved having her help us a few evenings a week for the first 3 months after our daughter was born. “Magic Mary” as she was known in our home after long, was calm, kind, willing to work with whatever my “mom methods" were, and gently helped us get into a consistent sleep routine. She brought a sense of calm with her that only a baby whisperer can provide. She came to our home from 10pm to 6am for 10 weeks or so, and would bring the baby to my bedroom for nursing when she woke up, burp her, change her and put her back to sleep. We slowly, as she grew into the appropriate weight, weaned her off the middle of the night feedings and by the time she was four months old she was sleeping from 6:30 pm to 6 am without waking up to feed. Even as a second time mom, Mary's knowledge and insight was invaluable... Mary’s vast experience, skilled capabilities and supportive presence in a challenging time of transition for our family were truly incredible.

Natasha D.
San Francisco, CA