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Successfully moving new parents forward in the workplace.
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“As a husband turned new father I completely underestimated how hard it would be going back to the workforce after having our first child and Covid exasperated it. I was lucky enough to be referred to Mary B by a coworker and my partner and I hired her immediately. After working with Mary we learned how to be present both at home and at work and it has been life changing. I was close to leaving my corporate job in order to be more present at home but Mary made it all possible and we are so thankful!”
- Timothy F.
“I went back to work 14 weeks postpartum and quickly realized I was not the same person. I was not the same mother when I was home with my family and I was not the same employee when I was at work. I simply could not balance it until I met Mary B. I worked with Mary for just four short weeks and she changed my life. I now am the best mother AND the best employee. You can have it all, sometimes it just takes a little help and understanding!”
- Jane O.
“As a full time working mother who loves her job I did not think it was even possible to go back to work after having my third child. I worked with Mary and she helped my family create a schedule that made it possible to parent how we wanted to parent while also going back to work and being successful in my career.”
- Sara K.
"Prior to working with Mary B, our company was losing top talent every year because of the pressure of work/family balance. As a company, we worked with Mary to help us retain our talented employees and show them the support they needed. Our retention rate has grown since including Mary in our benefits package."
"Mary quickly became a critical member of our family with our newborn daughter. When she started she immediately soothed our daughter but also my husband and I who as first time parents were filled with questions and concerns. "Magic Mary" as we called her was dependable, loving and brimming with knowledge from her experience across dozens of newborns. She answered my questions throughout the early days when I was learning how to care for my newborn daughter. Her communal knowledge and experience was invaluable. Additionally, she delivered results! My daughter is a content, well rested, excellent sleeper thanks to Mary going above and beyond. We're grateful to have the opportunity to work with Mary and absolutely plan to use her again."

- S. Nolan
Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA